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3 Easy Steps To Rescuing a Photo

This gorgeous animal walked through our yard a few weeks ago. Having your camera always at the ready comes in handy. Once I was lucky enough to capture the shot, just a few tweaks made this California Bobcat even more beautiful. Review the steps in the photos below:  Step 1: Take the photo  Step 1: […]

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Quick Tip: Photography in the Rain

April Showers This time of the year with its crisp and clear air is magical for getting those beautiful wet pavement shots. At night after (and sometime during) a good rain the wet and shiny streets of your local (or not so local) downtown city reflects the brilliant lights to create colorful and vivid imagery. […]

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Quick Tip: What is an F-Stop?

F-Stop is NOT an f-word What exactly is an f-stop anyway? The term f-stop is sometimes confusing due to its multiple meanings. In photographic terms it can mean the size of a lens aperture or an EV (Exposure value) of light. Lens aperture -corresponds to the aperture opening of the lens. The smaller the number […]

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Quick Tip: Practicing Candid Photography

Candids Candid photos are not difficult but they do require some practice, patience and preparation. Timing is critical to candid photography. With modern day DSLR cameras pre-setting the focus point is not as necessary as it once was. Having said that, getting it close should be part of your practice, especially if you are indoors […]

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