Winter Wonderland Portrait

Because of all the rain here this week I thought we would stay in the studio. Here is a photo that we shot over the weekend.

We were looking for a winter wonderland type of look and I think we nailed it. We shot this with a typical 4 light studio strobe setup. The key light was off to our young models left about 4 feet away, the fill light was off to her right about 6 feet away, the hair light off her right shoulder and of course the background light behind and off to her left.

With the camera in manual mode I set my ISO to 200, shutter speed to 1/200th second. I then adjusted the flashes output so that I could set my aperture to f/11 to get more detail. I am very pleased with this photo.

After the shoot I cleaned up the photo by removing any anomalies, enhancing the highlight and mid tones. Then softened up her skin and reduced the saturation. Then added a few trade secrets and look what a beautiful image we produced. Please enjoy.

©R. Mabry Photography

©R. Mabry Photography

Camera specs: Canon 1-Ds Mark II with Canons EF 24 – 70mm f2.8L USM lens @ 58mm, 1/200th sec at f / 11, ISO 200, Manual mode, pattern metering mode.

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2 Responses to Winter Wonderland Portrait

  1. Tiffani February 5, 2010 at 8:40 pm #

    What a beautiful picture!

  2. Anonymous February 8, 2010 at 2:02 pm #

    I really like the softness of this photo. Where do I sign up my children? Do you photograph adults?

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