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Sunsets in Paradise © R. Mabry Photography

Wines & Sunsets in Paradise

Last week I was out scouting locations for two separate photo shoots.   I found a wondrous place just down the street from where I live. The place is Paradise Ridge Winery located at 4545 Thomas Lake Harris Drive in Santa Rosa, California. This place is – let’s see – what’s the word I am looking […]

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Skeletal Leaf © R. Mabry Photography

Skeletal Leaf

Here is a cool (and I don’t mean temperature cool, although there is lot of blue) still image. I was walking through the dining room one day and looked up at a bottle in the window stile where my wife had placed a skeletal leaf into the neck. For what reason I have no clue, […]

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Kelp Rope

Kelp Me, Kelp Me

The beach is an awesome place to stimulate you creativity. Here I was playing near the surf during low tide (don’t be alarmed my wife was looking out for rouge waves and angry marine life) when I came across this tangles rope of kelp. This is what I saw when I got down in the […]

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Ghostly Skaters

Ghostly Skaters

In this photo I was playing with my flash settings and second-curtain sync (aka. rear-curtain sync) on my Canon 30D. What this does is fires the flash at the end of the exposure and not at the beginning. This gives the effect that the subject is moving forward. And by placing a tissue in front […]

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Quick Tip: The Magic of Polarizing Filters

If there were one tool I deem necessary for travel photography and outdoor shooting in general it would have to be a Polarizing filter. Polarizing filters work their magic by eliminating stray light and glare from reflective surfaces, which in turn greatly amplifies color saturation and allows for unobstructed views of whatever is  lying beneath […]

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