Making a Thanksgiving Blooper: Honey I Shrunk the Turkey

This past Thanksgiving 2012 was a typical affair at our home. Dinner for 25 in a very casual get together that always includes Deep-Fried Turkey!

This is a family tradition started by my very brave father-in-law 15+ years back, before you could buy a kit for deep frying your own turkey at Home Depot. The original set-up was a cobbled together mastermind solution that just hinted at the danger that 350 degree oil in a giant pot can bring.

With a few new guests this year, the fascination was renewed with the whole process, and we took the time to deep fry things we never had before. Beer battered onion rings and artichoke hearts were a huge hit. Never mind the Cornish game hens! We are still trying to figure out why those little birds took more time per pound than the huge 18 pound turkey we had for the main course.

Enjoy the blooper reel – Ray

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