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Bubble trails

Organic Bubble Trails

I rediscovered this image the other day. At first I went right past it, then in the back of my mind I was the organic bubble trails so I had to return to this image for a closer look. After taking a good long look at this photo I came to the conclusion that I […]

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Hot Metal

Sparks are flying

Okay, when inspiration show its face, talk to it. So there I was grinding down some sharp ends of a cage I was building that was to hold a diffuser and it happened. As I was grinding down the spurs I look beyond the grinding wheel  and noticed that the sparks were flying all over […]

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snobbish goat

Snobbish Goat Amongst a Sea

This was a fascinating event that happened about year and a half ago. This company “Living Systems Land Management” was hired to clear out the grass and weeds from several  strips of land near my home in Santa Rosa. What they did was bring in a small fence and surrounded a strip of land and […]

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Giant windmills

Giants in their field.

On our way back from visiting my wife’s parents (who by the way are awesome) we passed these windmills. From a distance they look quite small. As we got closer I found them to be deceivingly large and I mean large. And, no I did not put the electric pole into the photo. This is […]

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Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my Blog. It is my utmost wish that this be a fun, safe and informative place to share and inspire anyone who visits both professional and amateur alike. Through sharing we better ourselves and create communities that help and prosper all involved. I have been talking about it for years and […]

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