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Fun With Filters

This is a photo I took while my wife and I were visiting Joshua Tree National Park. The photo was OK, but I felt that I could make it better. So, I decided to play with it in Photoshop and some of my favorite filters. Here is the process that I used to obtain the […]

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Goat Rock

Rustic Ghost

A couple of weekends ago my wife and I went to the beach (Goat Rock just north of Bodega Bay Northern California to be specific) for our anniversary. You know a nice relaxing day of walking on the beach. Well that was the idea until we came across this gem of a subject. Well I […]

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Man and his dog

Dog and his human

With landscapes, distance can be a difficult thing to capture. However if you place elements in the foreground, middle ground and in the background you will give the views eyes the ability to travel deep into the scene. The first thing that the eye wants to do is locate the brightest spot in the scene, […]

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This is one of my favorites beach shots. The fact that the rope was wrapped around the seaweed was way cool imagery. It is as if they are holding onto each other for dear life. It symbolizes (at least to me) that we all need help getting through life. I used an off camera flash […]

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