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©R. Mabry Photography

Some See Rust, I See Art.

Here is my all time favorite image from my Rust series. My wife was attending a training seminar in the east bay and I decided to tag along. While she was in training I decided to head down to the marina that was close by to see what I could photograph. To my surprise there […]

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©R. Mabry Photography

How to Turn Scraps into Art.

As I have mentioned in past posts I really like patterns and textures. So, one day on my deck I was playing around with a strip of lathing wire and a spray bottle of water and this is one of the photos I got from just playing around. Here is what I did: I unrolled […]

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Rustic Whale ©R. Mabry Photography

Rustic Whale Fluke

This is another photo I shot at Baker Beach just south of the Golden Gate Bridge. I really like this photo because the broken anchor looks like a whale fluke breaching the water or in this case concrete. With the Golden Gate Bridge and the mouth of the bay in the background it really drives […]

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Wire Work - © R. Mabry Photography

A Twist in Time…

I just love close up shots of almost anything that has lots of detail and repeating patterns. When I came across this I had to play. What caught my attention were the twists in the wires. They are almost identical the entire way around. Please enjoy. Camera specs: Canon EOS 30D with Canons EF S18 […]

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Sunsets in Paradise © R. Mabry Photography

Wines & Sunsets in Paradise

Last week I was out scouting locations for two separate photo shoots.   I found a wondrous place just down the street from where I live. The place is Paradise Ridge Winery located at 4545 Thomas Lake Harris Drive in Santa Rosa, California. This place is – let’s see – what’s the word I am looking […]

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