snobbish goat

Snobbish Goat Amongst a Sea

This was a fascinating event that happened about year and a half ago. This company “Living Systems Land Management” was hired to clear out the grass and weeds from several  strips of land near my home in Santa Rosa. What they did was bring in a small fence and surrounded a strip of land and […]

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Man and his dog

Dog and his human

With landscapes, distance can be a difficult thing to capture. However if you place elements in the foreground, middle ground and in the background you will give the views eyes the ability to travel deep into the scene. The first thing that the eye wants to do is locate the brightest spot in the scene, […]

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Giant windmills

Giants in their field.

On our way back from visiting my wife’s parents (who by the way are awesome) we passed these windmills. From a distance they look quite small. As we got closer I found them to be deceivingly large and I mean large. And, no I did not put the electric pole into the photo. This is […]

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Face from the past

Face from the past

This image is from my Mirror, Mirror collection. I get the feeling that this image is looking at me from the past. My Mirror, Mirror collection is lots of fun and I will be placing more of them on the site. Oh, by the way the eyes are a small frog. Camera specs: Canon EOS […]

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This is one of my favorites beach shots. The fact that the rope was wrapped around the seaweed was way cool imagery. It is as if they are holding onto each other for dear life. It symbolizes (at least to me) that we all need help getting through life. I used an off camera flash […]

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"Bat wing?" <br> ©Ray Mabry

Bat or Potato?

OK, we all been there before. You know, you got the pantry or the fridge to get something and you notice that you had forgotten about it for days, weeks or even months. You’re not even sure what the heck it was in a previous lifetime. Well, most people would rush it to the trash, […]

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Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my Blog. It is my utmost wish that this be a fun, safe and informative place to share and inspire anyone who visits both professional and amateur alike. Through sharing we better ourselves and create communities that help and prosper all involved. I have been talking about it for years and […]

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