Bird Rescue

I have driven past it hundreds of time and made a mental note that I should visit someday. In fact,  I did visit them about 10-12 years ago. And we were there 5 days earlier to drop off a baby quail that our neighbor rescued from their cat (see Squirrel TV for details). What the heck am I talking about? The Santa Rosa Bird Rescue Center which is the only all-bird wildlife rescue center in our area.

The volunteers there are the best. They are very knowledgeable about the residents and willing to talk to you about them. Below are 4 of the raptors that they were handling that day; Great Horned Owl (upper left), Cooper’s Hawk (upper right), True Hawk (bottom left),  and a Barn Owl (bottom right). The other raptor residents at the Bird Rescue Center range from Osprey to Red-tailed Hawk to American kestrel to name a few. Raptors are not the only birds here, and there too many to mention here. Check out their web site for more details.

I did enjoy my time there and I will return then next time they are having a visitor day. So if you got some free time in Santa Rosa, check for their  visitor day schedule and spend some time. Fascinating and great people to talk to.


Raptors ©Ray Mabry

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