Quick Tip: Do You Shoot Vertical or Horizontal?

Vertical vs. Horizontal

I have been asked on numerous occasions if I prefer to shoot vertical or horizontal.

There is more to this question then what orientation I like to hold my camera.

The rule of thumb on this is somewhat simple. If you subject is taller than it is wide shoot vertical. A vertical image will compliment a vertical subject. The same goes for if your subject is wider then it is tall shoot horizontal. This can also be said for motion. If your subject is in a vertical motion shoot it vertical such as a rocket taking off. If your subject is moving horizontal such as a race car on a track going 200 miles an hour shoot horizontal.

There are of course exceptions to all rules. If you are telling a story and you need the surrounding to complete the story. You may need to shoot the rocket taking off horizontal in order to include the exhaust exiting the launch pad. Personally in this case I would shoot both and later decide which photo told the complete story.

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