3rd Annual World Wide Photo Walk

We had an awesome turnout for this year’s Annual World Wide Photo Walk. We had a full house and made new friend along the way as we laughed, cried and had an all around great time. Oh and we took some wicked cool photos.

It is pretty amazing to watch 50+ photographers scatter into the streets of a small community. Kind of like a scary gang of people cruising through a neighborhood, except for the scary part and the gang part. OK, I mean how scary can a bunch of people be laughing and caring cameras?

Please come out and join us next year. If you want to be notified in advance for next year just shoot me an email and I will add you to the list. I promise to use your email only for a notification of this event, unless otherwise noted by you.

Here is a group photo of this year’s walkers.

©R. Mabry Photography

©R. Mabry Photography

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