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This is one of my favorites beach shots. The fact that the rope was wrapped around the seaweed was way cool imagery. It is as if they are holding onto each other for dear life. It symbolizes (at least to me) that we all need help getting through life. I used an off camera flash […]

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"Bat wing?" <br> ©Ray Mabry

Bat or Potato?

OK, we all been there before. You know, you got the pantry or the fridge to get something and you notice that you had forgotten about it for days, weeks or even months. You’re not even sure what the heck it was in a previous lifetime. Well, most people would rush it to the trash, […]

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Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my Blog. It is my utmost wish that this be a fun, safe and informative place to share and inspire anyone who visits both professional and amateur alike. Through sharing we better ourselves and create communities that help and prosper all involved. I have been talking about it for years and […]

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